Randall Quillian – General Manager

I’m Randall. I love skateboarding, plants, dogs, books and bicycles. I also enjoy records, coffee, vegetables and Reddit. I dislike authority, negativity, and lethargy. I do paperwork and stuff to help keep WUAG running.

Office #: 336.334.4308

Office 305, Brown Building

Gabriel McNair – Program Director

I am the Program Director. I am the person who handles all of the DJ applications/show requests, program logs, DJ training, et cetera. If you want a show, I’m the person to talk to. My interests are silence, staring at blank walls, and solitude. Any questions, concerns, or complaints, contact me via any of the avenues listed below this sentence.

Office 308, Brown Building | 336-334-4308 |

Brandon Boyer – Sports Director

My name is Brandon Boyer and I am the Sports Director at WUAG. My responsibilities entail running The Sports Cycle, the FM sports talk radio show in Greensboro and running The Sports Cycle’s Twitter and Tumblr. I also work with credit students in the WUAG Workshop class, with a focus on sports news and article writing.

I previously worked as a Featured Columnist of World Football for the Bleacher Report, a transfer news analyst for Fresh Football, a weather news writer for the Yahoo! Contributor Network, and I currently work at Soccer Without Limits as a social media and news writer.

I found my passion in sports through soccer, basketball, and baseball when I was younger. When I had to decide which one I really wanted to focus on as I got older, I chose soccer because I loved the individual flexibility and freedom that I had out on the field. Some of my greatest life experiences have come through soccer, but it now comes through writing about it, rather than pushing myself out on the field. I still kick around every now and then but my writing experiences in the last few years has  broadened my horizons in the world of sports. I find college football and basketball endlessly fascinating and I have found a lot of enjoyment in learning about sports I would’ve normally paid no attention to in years past. Cricket still makes no sense, though.

If you want to talk to us about sports or see content that people working for the Sports Department, give us a follow on Twitter, @thesportscycle, or follow our content at

Office 304, Brown Building | 336-334-5588 |

Diego Vergara – Music Director

My name is Diego; a group of dames call me diagus. Don’t call me diagus. If you have  any questions regarding music, please contact me. Tambien hablo español . I like ice coffee with almond milk, so if you wanna be my friend, that’s a good way to start. I also day dream about skateboarding often, so if you walk into my office and I’m going “peeeuuurrrrrr,” don’t think I’m crazy.

Viki Han – News Director

Hey wonderfuls!
I am here to inform you of the local affairs, especially of those which are relevant to UNCG and Greensboro community.
Remember — I am YOUR news director, ready to hear YOUR stores. I look forward to working with YOU. Try me.

Brown building, Office 302 | 336-334-5470

[During summer, please only contact me via email below]

Kelly Fahey – Productions Director

As WUAG’s productions director, it is my duty to host our weekly live music show, Radio Greensboro. Bands from all over North Carolina and even national bands come into our station and play live for Greensboro every Sunday from 8-10pm. The recordings can be accessed via tumblr on I also assist with the booking of bands for our WUAG presents shows. I firmly believe I have the greatest job on the planet, and I love college radio. If you would like to bring your musical endeavors to our radio station and play on Radio Greensboro, I can be reached via email at

Jen Nelson – Promotions Director

Office 306, Brown Building | 336-334-5588 |

I’m the Promotions Director (as stated in the slightly larger font above this half-way paragraph) at WUAG. In this glorious position, I record PSA’s, create concert and event calendars, attempt to make flyers (and then make Diego help me actually make them) and other promotional materials, and I host a weekly Promotions Show every Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm. I also help create Dead City Radio, an annually published zine that includes all sorts of awesome DJ submissions and information about WUAG.

I absolutely love WUAG, and I’m always stoked to talk to people who have an interest in WUAG and specifically the Promotions Department. If you want to become involved in the Promotions Department, Dead City Radio, or the Promotions Show, or if you would like to discuss etymology or the meaning of life, please contact me.

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