Matt Kerr – General Manager

Office 305, Brown Building | 336-334-4308 |

Gabriel McNair – Program Director

Office 308, Brown Building | 336-334-4308 |

Kate Ellis – News/Sports Director

Office 304, Brown Building | 336-334-5588 |

Carly Kimzey – Music Director

I am the Music Director. My job is to keep new music on rotation in the DJ booth at all times. I get new music at the beginning of every week, and can’t review it all myself! If you are ever interested in reviewing new music/ enjoy having new music on rotation please contact me. I’m sure I have something you’ll like (:

Ethan Golden – Productions Director

Chelsea Korynta Chelsea Korynta – Promotions Director

My job is community outreach and event promotion! If you have an event that you want on our calendars, posters you want spread around campus, or a PSA you want on-air, shoot me an e-mail. I can also do live guest interviews, if you want to come visit the station to talk about your event!

Office 306, Brown Building | 336-334-5588 |

Audra Stang – Social Media Director

As social media director, my job is to share and promote events, posters, and shows through interactive media (i.e. Facebook, tumblr, even the very website you are reading right now!) If you want to send word of any of the above via the WUAG digital realm, please contact me.

Office 302, Brown Building | 336-334-4308 |

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