Olivia Carteaux – General Manager

So, this is by far, the best  job I have had, and I am so glad to be here! I facilitate meetings and such. I lurk behind the scenes. I make sure that the legal and budget stuff is running smooth so that we can keep this amazing station on air. I hide in my office and talk to the other behind the scenes folks. Most of the stuff I do no one ever sees or hears – but that is quite alright, because I have an awesome staff that makes sure that what you do see and hear is amazing and no less than you should expect from WUAG!

I’ve worked in radio before, but not at a college station except as a DJ for the last several years here at WUAG. I usually had a show in the summer with my brother Blaine on Tuesdays or Wednesdays around 3 (oh see and bee sea), and same time and day of the week during the semester by my lonesome. Maybe you heard it. It may have been pretty great/gruesome/insert another descriptor. It was usually at least one of those.

And I am a grad student here at UNCG. That’s been interesting.

When not doing these things, I am out at WUAG Presents shows (and occasionally other shows in Greensboro), and trying to involve myself with as much as I can to maintain my social sanity. Like Spencer, I don’t have a cool blog, but feel free to contact me at with any inquiries you may have, or feedback regarding WUAG!

Office #: 336.334.4308

Office 305, Brown Building

Gabriel McNair – Program Director

The devilishly handsome specimen shown above is the man known as Thee Sir Gabriel McNair XVIII, otherwise known as your Program Director of the illustrious WUAG. He’s the person who handles all of the DJ applications/show requests, program logs, DJ training, and the massive onus of creating the semester schedule. Basically, if you want a show, he’s the person to talk to. If ever you have an idea for a show–or an idea in general—he’ll welcome it with open ears holes. Any questions, concerns, complaints, feedback, et cetera, don’t hesitate to contact him via any of the avenues listed below this sentence.

Office 308, Brown Building * 336-334-4308 *

Terrence Gantt – Sports Director

What’s up Greensboro!!! Whether you know me as Terrence; Da Kidd from Kidd Radio and In the Beat of the Night; or the youngest, most focused, humble, and ambitious media management major at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, somebody decided that it was only righteous to give me another title.

Simply put, the day I was hired as director at WUAG 103.1 FM marks another day in sports history. Sports as always played a major role in my life as I always seemed somewhat athletic [cough, cough]. I reminisce about when my Physical Education teacher and Track & Field coach told me I couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a boat, that he’d seen better arms on a clock, and that the world needed ditch diggers. Memorable sports related moments to me include OJ Simpson breaking the 2000 yard single season mark [regardless of any other allegations], the tragic murder of 1972 Munich Olympic athletes, Ali vs. Frazier, Tiger Woods becoming the youngest masters champion, Michael Jordan hitting the final shot in the 1998 NBA finals, and Steve Prefontaine setting American records as one of the youngest, most successful long distance runners in history.

Nonetheless, I am ecstatic to join an amazing team of individuals who value the stations traditions and are eager to get the ball rolling in educating the greater Greensboro community through the power of radio. I am a very entertaining, positive, and an optimistic person and always take great pleasure in meeting new people. If you’re interested in learning more about me and my career as a DJ/On-Air Personality, feel free to visit my website There, you are able to find links to my works, contact information, as well as information about The Sports Cycle [shoutout to Stuart Barefoot].

Office 304, Brown Building * 336-334-5588 *

Randall Quillian – Music Director

Im Randall Quillian, the Music Director at WUAG.

“I wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends”

Viki Han – News Director

Hey wonderfuls!
I am here to inform you of the local affairs, especially of those which are relevant to UNCG and Greensboro community.
Remember — I am YOUR news director, ready to hear YOUR stores. I look forward to working with YOU. Try me.

Brown building, Office 302 * 336-334-5470 *

[During summer, please only contact me via email below]

Kelly Fahey – Productions Director

As WUAG’s productions director, it is my duty to host our weekly live music show, Radio Greensboro. Bands from all over North Carolina and even national bands come into our station and play live for Greensboro every Sunday from 8-10pm. The recordings can be accessed via tumblr on I also assist with the booking of bands for our WUAG presents shows. I firmly believe I have the greatest job on the planet, and I love college radio. If you would like to bring your musical endeavors to our radio station and play on Radio Greensboro, I can be reached via email at

Spencer Auten – Promotions Director

Office 306, Brown Building * 336-334-5588 *

I record PSAs, make calendars and host a weekly promotions show on Tuesdays 5pm-7pm. I enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning, pastels, and long bike rides in the months of spring. For more information about our promotions department, email me at

and follow our tumblr!

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