About WUAG

WUAG is college radio.

WUAG was first established and funded by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1964. Since WUAG first went on the air on July 28, 1964, the station has been through several changes. The station has changed location and frequency three times. First it was 89.9, then 106.1, then in 1991 was changed to what it is today, 103.1 fm. The official format of WUAG is Progressive, which basically means that we are always changing. During the weekday business hours you will hear our constantly changing rotation. In our rotation we have everything from indie rock, hip hop, jazz, world music, Americana, to electronic. During our night hours (7pm-1am) and weekend shows you can hear specialty shows. Specialty shows are radio shows that focus on a specific genre of music. For instance, we usually have a world music show. Now I say usually because our DJ staff changes every semester. Since WUAG is primarily student run it has to adapt each semester to the influx of new DJ’s who may have more of an interest in one type of music over the other. The day-to-day operations of WUAG are lead by part-time General Manager, Matt Kerr. The rest of the station is run by a student executive board that consists of a music director, program director, sports director, news director, promotions director, social media director and productions director. Along with the changes each year of DJ’s, the student executive board changes each year as well.

The goal of WUAG is to educate its listeners in areas of music, public service announcements, sports and news updates, and daily concert/event calendars. WUAG is here to serve the community of UNCG and the entire city of Greensboro, NC. Please tune it anytime at 103.1 FM, to hear what we are all about.

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