WUAG and the Crown at the Carolina Theater are excited to host AVA LUNA on November 14th at 8pm!

Founded in 2007 by frontman Carlos Hernandez, the indie-funk-meets-punk septet debuted in 2012 with the LP “Ice Level,” praised by Spin Magazine as having “ice-cool, vintage 80’s no wave grooves and extra-lush three-part girl group harmonies.” 2014’s follow up, “Electric Balloon” earned the band more critical acclaim. Western Vinyl describes “Electric Balloon” as “an aggressively unique sound that still manages to be accessible.” Hernandez explains the album as a “story…and moments here are clearer, as in a conversation. The moment appears, you grab it with your hands, screw the lid on the mason jar. There was no tweaking, no second-guessing. Julian’s mantra for the process: First thought best thought”…and for my part, I sing my best about encounters, friendships, some moments beautiful and others painful.” This year, the band released their third album, “Infinite House,” filled with remnants of ’70’s soul and funk and ‘60s rock influence. Pitchfork calls “Infinite House” “a loose, playful energy…always seems to be ready to pounce on you.”

Greensboro’s Brick Pollitt describes themselves as a “meaningfulcore” power trio. “Sometimes you’re just living life day to day then a rock and roll band comes and makes an album around you. This is from my dudes in Black Santa. I met Arthur Boudman just smoking a cigarette after class one day and what followed was a magical and sensual journey into the soul of the America in search of a reason to exist for. This album pretty much highlights it all. Tristan, the dark and sinister manifestation of the devil in a sharply handsome young man with vocal chords made from the spines of rattle snakes and Spencer with his ever so delicate baselines that just barley hint at the tortured and mad genius that hides under his dark and witty complexion. To some of you I might be boring old Dan or just the boy next door. But to some, I’m the muse of driving electrical pulsating rock and roll.”

Anna Luisa Daigneault, known by her stage name Quilla, is a vocalist, composer and anthropologist from Canada. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, she now calls North Carolina (USA) her home. Her father is French Canadian, and her mother is from Peru. This dual heritage has influenced Daigneault’s outlook on life as well as musical output. She has always felt like a cultural hybrid, drawing inspiration from diverse worlds. Along with being involved in the indie pop and dance music scene, she has published in the field of endangered language conservation, and has traveled around the world, collaborating with researchers and artists in the fields of archaeology, linguistics, new media, music and film.

We’ll see you there!


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