WUAG is participating in International College Radio Day

WUAG is celebrating College Radio day Tuesday, October 2nd!!

We got tons of on air ticket give aways for Shakori Hill Fest, Dan Deacon, The Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson… and much more, so stay tuned all day to WUAG 103.1.

This day will also feature special programming with college radio themed shows, interviews… and shows with past and present members of the board as well as WUAG DJs

AND AT 9pm we gonna wrap it up with a screening of Videodrome in the lobby of the Gatewood Art Building!For those of you that have not seen Videodrome, it is a treat, and not to be missed. Directed by David Cronenberg circa 1983, the film is a horror/sci-fi that stars James Woods and Debbie Harry (yes, from Blondie) and touches on such subjects as mind control, media relience, ethics, and well, the new flesh and the blur that can exist between reality and sensory hallucination. It’s a crazy movie.

Get excited y’all

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