WUAG presents WASSUP SUMMER: Free Double Show

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We’re ringing in the beginning of summer at WUAG with TWO FREE shows in one day and a cook out. Tell yr mom, tell yr dad!

====LATE SHOW @ The Blind Tiger=====
Doors at 8 pm

∆ The Dreebs (Brooklyn, NY) ∆
No Wave jams reminiscent of early Sonic Youth or Liars. Sort of like Swans meets Rage Against The Machine. Members of PC Worship.


∆ HUME (Baltimore, MD) ∆
You remember these guys from the Prince Rama show in December. Trippy guitars, double drums, and good vibes. These guys just got picked up by Ground Control (home to NC faves like Love Language and Superchunk), so you’ll probably be seeing a lot o them!

[bandcamp track=1847083520 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]


∆ Jenny Besetzt (GSO) ∆

You know ‘em, you love ‘em, you don’t know what is up with their name! Seriously, this band is so good and we’re really lucky to have them in Greensboro. Word on the street is they’ve been up to some serious recording!


∆ Mutant League (GSO) ∆
The sweet Greensboro return of the mighty Mutant League. Recently re-formed as a four piece. Probably going to be the last time you can catch them for a while!

[bandcamp album=2170114704 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]


5 pm – 8 pm

Come chill out with us for an early cookout in the CFBG parking lot. Free food and stuff. Super casual chill out time. Music happening inside! I fucking dare you to BYOB!

∞ Black Santa (GSO) ∞
New local faves. So new they don’t even have a website. You’ve probably seen them before though and know they’re rad. Handsome guys from the south? GSO stupid-name darling babies.

∞ Body Wishes (Baltimore, MD)∞
Solo guitar music from one of the members of Hume. Ultimate Eno + Fripp vibes.


∞ Romantic Animal (GSO) ∞

Sad songs for beautiful people. Really stoked to have our dearest Janke on this bill!


∞ DJ Lee “Fish Hat” Gunselman ∞
Lee of Casual Curious fame will be on hand to spin records all day. Mad Zappa nugs for the whole family.


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