WUAG & CFBG Records present Royal Baths

San Francisco’s Royal Baths churn out paranoid 60s-era psych like they were there. Spawned by the same Bay Area garage scene that gave us Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, heavy-lidded tempos, pounding tribal rhythm, apathetic punk humor, and a woozy sense of pop melody keeps their brand of sludge sounding fresh. This isn’t a simple ode to Velvet Underground, though it is a fitting one; it’s the shock-waves of 60s underground hooked up to modern-day amps.

The band is set to release its second LP, Better Luck Next Life, February 7th.

Slowdance offers up bouncing indie pop with a slightly brighter outlook and its own nostalgic tendencies. Think 70s synthwave and a francophone Debbie Harry.

Charlotte-based Paint Fumes has already made their name as some of the loudest, noisiest and best garage punks in the state. Imagine Greensboro’s own Pinche Gringo as a three-piece band. Cuz that’s what it is.

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