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WUAG & WQFS present what could very well be one of the greatest live music shows in the history of Greensboro!

Future Islands and Twin Sister will co-headline this unique show with opening performances by Ava Luna and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. This is the only show Future Islands and Twin sister will play together on their respective headlining tours (take that New York, LA, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill!) and best of all, this incredible show is only 8 bucks!

Tickets are available at CFBG record co-op from 1pm-8pm M-S, at the Blind Tiger between 6pm and midnight, and online here

Future Islands

The last time Future Islands performed a show at Artistika Nightclub, the result was a full-blown dance riot. Many people described it as the best live show in the history of the city. So with expectations held high, the band’s epic return to the Gate City is sure to blow minds

The North Carolina-bred, Baltimore-based post-wave trio conveys the human struggle to connect in this isolating digital age by contrasting electronic music and throbbing bass guitar with Sam Herring’s passionate vocals and engaging stage presence. Feet will shuffle, booties will shake, and you’ll remember what it’s like to feel part of something bigger.

Twin Sister

Brooklyn-based Twin Sister makes the sonic equivalent of a lucid dream. Drawing comparisons to Deerhoof, Stereolab and Portishead, the band’s debut LP, In Heaven, filters everything from liquid electro shimmer, galloping spaghetti-Western, stuttering 80s pomp and funked-out space disco into bright, playful tunes with subdued lyrics about “the legend, the man, the hero,” Gene Ciampi and whether Saturday is more fun than Sunday.

Ava Luna:

Fellow Brooklynites Ava Luna somehow manage to cram doo-wop harmonies, industrial drum beats, soulful wails and seven members into a sound that could be called sparse. It’s wildly inventive, eclectic, totally groovy and above all, it has doo-wop harmonies.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat:

The “music beat” Ed Schrader claims to have might be better described as a music beat down. For three years, Ed’s only accompaniment was an internally-lit floor tom that doubles as an alarming bottom light. The rave he played in Baltimore is infamous. Along with bassist Devlin Rice, he’s the no-wave to Future Islands’ post-wave.

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