WUAG presents Delicate Steve + Casual Curious



<a href=”http://delicatesteve.bandcamp.com/album/wondervisions” mce_href=”http://delicatesteve.bandcamp.com/album/wondervisions”>Wondervisions by Delicate Steve</a>

Brothers from the north led by the most delicate Steve Marion. Recently released “Wondervisions” on Luaka Bop. In the past year, these guys have shared the stage with bands like Battles, Titus Andronicus, Ra Ra Riot and The Dirty Projectors. Super positive vibes. THE CRITICS UNILATERALLY CONCUR: DELICATE STEVE IS A BAND WHO CREATES MUSIC

*Casual Curious*

<a href=”http://casualcurious.bandcamp.com/album/casual-curious” mce_href=”http://casualcurious.bandcamp.com/album/casual-curious”>Casual Curious by Casual Curious</a>

Hailing from Greensboro, a city in the state of North Carolina in the United States on the planet Earth, Casual Curious is group of five human beings that get together to write, record, and perform socially acceptable organized sound. Casual Curious has had several forms over the past couple years of it’s existence, but it is typically directed by a specific human known as, T. Lee Gunselman. Their sounds typically induces physical movement, biological reactions affecting mood, as well as stimulating cognitive activity that may lead other humans to reflect on their day-to-day behaviors and activities. Also, Pat used to be in Death Cab for Cutie.


*DJ Bonzani* – Everybody’s favorite jockey will be riding funky jams right into the future.

Totally free! Wear your Halloween costume!

Word is in on the pumpkin carving contest! Show up early and carve a pumpkin, they’ll be judged by a special team, and the winner will receive two passes to any Blind Tiger show.

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