WUAG presents: College Radio Day!

WUAG College Radio Day

October is going to be a sick month here at WUAG, so what better way to start it off than by celebrating how great it is to do what we do?

The first ever College Radio Day will take place Tuesday, October 11th, just in time time to give us its blessing for our glorious string of presents events.

For this first annual ode to ourselves, WUAG willl be decked out in our best programming, chilling at Tate St Coffee for a double feature movie night, fellowshipping with our QFS compatriots, and inciting a scavenger hunt of city-wide (state-wide? world-wide?) proportions.

College Radio Day was organized to raise national awareness of the contribution college radio makes to America’s airwaves.
The day has become especially critical as college stations feel the squeeze of fiscal belt tightening; some are going silent for good. On October 11th, stations and listeners from across the nation will come together to say it loud and clear: College radio is freakin sweet, man. Let’s keep the party going.

Yes, budget cuts do suck ya’ll, but being sold out sucks even more. In honor of those that have fallen, and in celebration of our own awesomeness, tell your mom, your drycleaner, your roommate’s great aunt, and everyone with ears or a hearing aid to tune in to WUAG on October 11th, and every gosh darn day for the rest of ever.

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