Group Doueh Premiere

WUAG is currently on our temporary exam program schedule.  As an added bonus to this weeks sporadic programming we will be premiering the new Group Doueh cd (courtesy of Sublime Frequencies & Forced Exposure) on Tuesday, May 3rd at 5pm.  Group Doueh is a seven member group from West Sahara Africa.   Their one of kind music combines elements of desert blues, western psychedelic rock, and traditional Sahrawi music.   The group is coming to America for their first ever tour this summer and are scheduled to perform at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC on June 23rd.  The concert is being put on by our friends at Harvest Records.  We will be doing a ticket giveaway for this very special concert during the hour of 5 – 6 pm on May 3rd.  So tune in and play your luck for a chance to see this very rare performance.  WUAG’s summer regular summer schedule will begin on Monday, May 9th.

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